You have a Computer and you want to play a game, so you buys a Gaming remote. As Gaming remote add extra features to your Computer similarly WordPress Plugins add extra features or functions to your Blog! Also as you didn’t need to use electronics to install a Gaming remote similarly you can install and use plugins without writing Code!

Well those who didn’t know what WordPress is, it is a Content Management System (CMS) which helps you to manage your awesome blog. More than 30% websites on the internet is Powered by WordPress!

Now coming to Plugins we provide 100+ plugins and adding more every day.

  • Our Wide range of Plugin collection allow you to make your dream blog.
  • Also if you get stuck anywhere there are tons of blogs, websites , YouTube channels etc. Which provide tutorials for WordPress.
  • In your vedspace blog Dashboard you will see a Video Tutorial option which will introduce you to WordPress. You can use your Plugins From Dashboard>> Plugins.
  • By Default some of necessary Plugins are activated which you can change but we recommended not to do so. Also there other plugins you may want to activate depending on your needs.
  • Well we provide all necessary plugins but if you want some out of the box feature and finds a Plugin for that on Internet you Can ask our team in Forums to add that in our Plugins Bag.

Let’s Together build your Dream Blog!

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