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Well if you are familiar with WordPress then you didn’t need this, just jump to editing but if you are seeing something like this for the very first time let me help you.


The default appearance of your blog may not very appealing to most people. But at the end of this blog you will know how to change that.

once you logged in your Dashboard you will see a Sidebar menu like this:


Now go to Appearance>>Themes and choose a theme that suits your need and activate it.

Note: After activating a theme initially your site may look ugly or unorganized but don’t panic we will gonna edit that.


Once you have an active theme now let customize it according to your need

Go to Appearance>>Customize. You will be redirected to a live page customizer where you will see plenty of option depending on your theme. Now unleash your creativity and try all of them to give a basic structure to your blog.

Don’t worry about Pages and Posts now, they are next!

Pro Tip: Try all option you never know what you can find!  


It’s time to add some content to our blog. (Okay sorry your blog..)

Pages are static content i.e. the content that’s not gonna depend on time. For example your homepage, About Us page, Service page etc. Unlike posts its not gonna have a category, time, date etc. Posts  are specific to a topic, pages display broad context.

Think of a newspaper  they have page too and it’s not necessary that  all pages have articles, some have pointless adds, some may have facts or price pages, To lets, editorials, matrimonial etc. and the articles are what we say post here.

(Boy! I am too good in giving analogizes )

Now add some pages like Contact Us, About , Service you offer or anything, to do so got to sidebar menu  and click on Pages>> Add new

You will see a Editor somewhat similar to MS Word you can use that but it’s hard to create dynamic and beautiful Page by this (Unless you know coding ) but wait we said you will not need coding? Yeah We remembered what we said (we aren’t Politicians).


So if you want to make a media and feature rich page instead of only text we have free page builder plugins for you. By Default Elementor is active which is according to us and many are best Page builder but we offer some other page builder too if you want.

You can activate/deactivate page builder plugins by going into plugins tab(we will discuss plugins in detail later)

So if you are using Elementor (recommended) you must be seeing a big option of edit with Elementor.

Now just click that and you will be redirected to live page editor like this (Cool!)


It’s very easy to use it just add new sections and use the left side menu to add images, text, video, form etc. But the main feature is Add a template now Elementor templates are like someone already made a page for you and you can use that layout and just by changing text boom you will have an amazing page in minutes! Also if not whole you can add Blocks i.e just a portion of say, you want to just add a contact forum or call to action just import that part and edit text. You can download templates and Blocks from here.


Whenever I go to a Restaurant first thing I ask is for a menu, as it’s good to know what’s on table similarly a Menu on your Blog will help users to navigate easily.

Adding Menus is simple go to Appearance>> Menus and then create a new menu.

You can add Pages, Posts, Custom links and Many other things on Menus. Also, you can add a sub-item to a menu.

Pro Tip: Don’t add a lot of options in a Menu 4-6 are pretty good. If you have more content at things as sub-item for say if blog about 5 categories like food, fashion, Travel etc. add a Category option and add all your page types as Sub-menu



Finally, Blog Posts!

Believe me  you will spend most of your time doing this…

Adding Post is very similar to adding Pages. Go to Posts>> Add new and you will be redirected to Post editor.

You can use Elementor or other post building plugins but we will recommend you to use default editor as you didn’t need to add something out-of-box on posts just some text, images and Videos will work!

Sometimes simpler is better!


Now you have a fabulous working blog with almost everything you need. But in case you need a specific feature like, sharing or you want your users to pay money to view the content or anything else, We offer amazing plugins by which you can add some extra feature to your blogs without any coding.

To do so go to Plugins and find the one you like or need activate it and configure it according to your needs.

You can google about how to use a specific WordPress Plugin!


Well, that’s a brief intro to WordPress and VedSpace! Try more to learn faster, I  Hope this is helpful.

Singing off 

Bang Bang!




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